If you didn’t see it last night, the results of the 2016 Reader Survey are in! See below. 

I’ve created this report from the survey, below. It’s quite interesting and I learned a lot. I will be posting little follow up polls to dig a little deeper. If you don’t want to read the whole thing, please read this executive summary of the actions I will be taking in response to the survey. Thanks for reading!

Executive Summary Actions

  • I’ll stick to a weekly schedule. Lots of good reasons to do so, including people forgetting about the comic.
  • Click the “Make A Support Donation” button under Asimov on the right side of the page to make a donation for the comic at any time.
  • You can already buy the first 8 complete chapters (and some bonus material) of Marooned as a PDF at my Gumroad store, $8, 292 pages.
  • You can get the old Volume 1 of Marooned (half of the first 8 chapters) and the COMPLETE Rock & Tin graphic novel at my Store Envy store. Just understand that Marooned is a one-off, because the new volumes will be shorter.
  • I will be making more PDF versions available of things. Stay tuned.
  • I will begin creating the new, shorter trade paperback series soon. Stay tuned.
  • There were mentions of not being able to navigate to chapters easily, or to find the archive. I will be fixing these omissions soon.

Survey Report


Who is your favorite character?

  1. Asimov (43%)
  2. John (23%)
  3. Lian (12%)

The snarky robot beat John by nearly a 2-1 margin. Seems like people really like to see Asimov give it to John – not surprisingly! Ril came in just under Lian.

Notable comments:

“I like my characters with sass, and Asimov has that in droves.”

I very much appreciated this one about John:

“He is the main character from the start, and it is easy to relate to him. It was a difficult choice because most, if not all characters are well-written.”

“It is a hard choice. I like how the characters have matured and grow. John is a favorite because his a great foil but I like Ugo more because he is the patient, moral voice of the group.”

“Because he represents what is good and bad about the human race. We see in him our frailties and what makes us great. Just an ordinary guy trying to cope and survive life as he encounter it on a daily basis.”

And of course…

“He’s like the charlie brown of space.”


I’ve considered waiting to post comics until a whole chapter/season is complete vs. weekly. Which would you prefer?

  • Weekly (83%)

While some did like the idea of waiting for seasons, clearly most of you want it every week. I kind of like the weekly engagement myself.

Notable Comments

“I’m spoiled and impatient.”

“I like the thrill of a new comic each week.”

“I tend to forget to check on the longer update websites.”

“I hate long waits between sections of comic. If too long a time between comics persists, I lose interest”


I’ll stick to a weekly schedule. Lots of good reasons to do so, including people forgetting about the comic.


Are you aware that I have a Patreon support page?

  • Yes (88%)

Most of you are aware of it. We’ll talk more about Patreon below in Question 4.


If you are not a Patreon supporter, could you explain why you chose not to support Marooned for as little as $1 per month, in return for my posting of Marooned content for free?

Trying to make any sort of living (whether primary or secondary) at all from a webcomic is very difficult. I hope to make Marooned worth supporting, and I appreciate all the support I get, from those who are patrons to those who are “only” readers.

The reasons why people choose not to become my patron are varied and valid. The simple truth is that many of you simply cannot afford even the $1 a month minimum, and I totally understand that. Back in the “dot com” days, I lost everything in the crash, and we even picked up and moved to Las Vegas (with two little kids) for 6 months so I could work. I understand financial hardship.

But aside from not being financially able (or simply not wanting to) the other issue is people have problems with with the Patreon system, or a monthly bill, or just wanting to support me on their own terms. So I’ve made a way for you to do that.


You can now support me via PayPal, and donate whatever you like, whenever you like. I can assure you that any amount is greatly helpful. Make it a yearly (or any other recurring time) tradition that you like. Maybe it’s just once – whatever works best for you.

Click the “Make A Support Donation” button under Asimov on the right side of the page to make a donation for the comic at any time.  


Would you be interested in Marooned as a series of trade paperbacks that were around 60 pages in length? 

  • Yes or Other (71%)
  • No (28%)

Almost half of you do not own a Marooned book (see next question). And since I last printed a full book (Kickstarter of 2013) a lot has changed. But printing big, thick color books is expensive. It seems many of you are interested in some sort of set with volumes that are more reasonably priced.

I also heard than many of you would like a PDF/electronic version. Many people just prefer to read that way, or you are outside the U.S. and shipping is expensive (oh boy, is it.)



Do you own a Marooned book?

  • No (57%)
  • Yes (43%)

This is interesting because the people who answered the survey are likely my most engaged readers. That probably means the “no” is in reality much higher. Hopefully my actions above will help that.


Please tell me about your favorite story or chapter in Marooned. Why is it your favorite?

This was a very interesting read. People’s likes are all over the place, which is great. A lot of people just liked most things equally as well, and couldn’t seem to pick a favorite. But there were some really nice comments.

Notable comments:

“Having to get Lian off Voon’s ship was darn exciting.”

“Not really a chapter, but I love the Ril interludes.” (Commander & Scout)

“Bantering between Asimov and John.”

“…I think I enjoyed the part of the story where we found out “what” Ugo is; also, meeting Zed and his kin. The first of these I think I particularly enjoyed as it is world building – I like intricate world building…”

“Out of Orbit, where we met our heroes. Ril kicking John, meeting Lian, SuperWoman, Commander and Scout, Zed’s groovy dancing, … :-)”

“I really like the lack of cursing or “sexy” scenes.”

“The first one with Zed, such a cool idea for a race.”


There were mentions of not being able to navigate to chapters easily, or to find the archive. I will be fixing these omissions soon.


If there was ONE thing that is missing from Marooned (OTHER than more frequent updates), what would it be?

There were quite a few “everything is just great as is” which is much appreciated. Some mentioned the lack of chapters or an archive above, which I will fix. There was mention of a glossary, something I started in the past but was not sure of interest. I’ll think about that one.

A couple people wondered what was happening on Earth. That may be fodder for a future story, you never know. I like to focus on our characters on Mars.


Thank you so much for participating! I am compiling the emails of people who requested the PDF, and will be sending that out this week. I really appreciate everyone reading, and everyone supporting me. As always, if you can help me spread the word via social media, email, or telling a friend, I am very appreciative of that, too!