Ril, Asimov, and even Hogan.

The last piece of Marooned is complete – the Commander & Scout book! It includes ALL the previous Commander & Scout strips published – but recolored (and parts redrawn), a new 8-page story, a three pager drawn by Steve Ogden and the full 16-page story from the big Marooned big from 2013.

40 pages in total. I’m doing a pre-order for a limited time – a week or so. The cost WITH shipping in the continental U.S. is $10.59. (I will not be shipping internationally.)

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If you are international or prefer an electronic version of the book, you can get it for a minimum of $3 (or pay more if you like). You can get my other books as PDFs there too.

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Other News: A Novel?
I’m also 50,000 words in to a novel I am writing about John, Asimov and Ril. It’s not the same story, and it’s not the same exact characters. A little more grown up (would not be suitable for kids). Can’t say much about it now but hope to sometime this year.

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