I have finally found a vendor that I could print the Marooned books at a reasonable price. However, this would require me to reformat pages to fit the size – 6 x 9″. So it would be more like a traditional smaller trade paperback. The benefit of this is much lower cost. If I printed Volume 1 including chapters 1-3, it would run about 62 pages. Your cost on that book would be around $8.99

Part of me really wants to do this, to have a standardized library of Marooned books. But it would be a fair amount of work on my part. To make this work, I’d have to print at least 25 copies of each volume.

So the key question is, who would like these books? I’m guessing in the end, there would be 4-5 volumes to cover up to the ending of Chapter 9 (coming up soon). But it would take awhile (a year, maybe more) to set them all up and print them.

The plus side of this is I can do a bit more color correction, and fix a few more things that still bug me. Because the early pages are not set up for this aspect ratio, I’d likely tweak panels to make it fit, which would mean doing some new art.

But the interest has to be there. Let me know what you think.