One of the things the survey showed was that people love Commander & Scout. (I do, too!) Those strips were generally one-off or guest pieces though, so we don’t see much of it in the main storyline. I recently wrote an 8-page new Commander & Scout side story though, and it got me wanting to do something with it.

So I’ve decided to put together a Commander & Scout book!

It’s going to feature the following C&S content:

  • The ALL NEW 8-page story – featuring Hogan as Scout! (Don’t worry, Asimov is there too). The above sketches are some practice drawings of him I did today.
  • The 16-page “Ocuoctopod” story that appeared only in the Kickstarter book.
  • 4 original C&S strips that appeared in the original storyline (but were removed since they were “one offs”) – which will be fully recolored and some of which will be redrawn.
  • 2 guest C&S strips, one by James Anderson and one by Marc LaPierre.

Thats 30 pages of C&S! PLUS, I’ll hopefully get some friends to contribute some pinups, and I will likely do some illustrations of my own specially for the book.

So I’m hoping it will be around 40 pages – a substantial, fun and humorous read.

The idea is to offer it in two formats, PDF/digital of course and I’ll also do a SMALL crowdfunding campaign to print some kind of high quality book for those who want one.

The PDF will be FREE to my Patrons over on Patreon, just one of many benefits of supporting my work. Patrons will also get some sort of discount on the real book, too. (So now might be a good time to join the fun!)

I’ll be posting progress pages, sketches and art over on the Patreon blog. When things are ready, there will of course be an announcement. Are you Scouts ready?!