Chapter One – Out of Orbit (15 pages)

Welcome to Marooned – the story of Captain John, a self-centered space pilot from Earth, and his sidekick Asimov, an automated garbage can turned into a genius robot.

Chapter Two – The Saga of Bob (21 pages)

Mars becomes a little more crowded with the sudden appearance of the evil robot, Bob! Bob is a renegade robot from Earth that used to pester our heroes during training. But how did he get to Mars? Is this the ticket back to Earth? Not if Bob can help it. He has other plans, including the use of his nefarious Time Cube!

Chapter Three – The Listener (21 pages)

Nearing death, Captain John is willing to try anything to heal his sickness.

Ugo has brought him to the Dark Ones – Elephant-like tripod creatures dwelling in the deep caves of Mars. It is suggested a mysterious figure named “The Listener” might be the only one who can save John, and John meets The Listener, he will be in for the shock of his life!

Chapter Four – Mindquake (22 pages)

The Listener has healed John – but at what cost?!

Now John begins a quest to save her, however the rabid Krosa have other plans. At the worst possible time, they have decided to attack!

Interlude – Not Always a Wasteland (10 pages)

What happened to Mars?

Ugo finally begins to explain the deep secrets of Mars. How was it that a thriving planet became a barren wasteland? And what are the secrets behind Ugo’s strange nature?

Chapter 5 – Brains from Another Planet! (17 pages)

When being Marooned on Mars isn’t enough…

You need brains from another planet! Ideally, those brains should be smarter than the ones you currently have access to, however.

Chapter 6 – Rocket Science (23 pages)

Zed of the Baro has been given a new lease on life!

With that in mind, John enlists Zed to finally fix his rocket so he can make the return trip to Earth. But as you can expect, things don’t quit go as planned.

Chapter 7 – Ascension (109 pages)

John’s bid to return to Earth has failed.

What will he do now? How will Lian react to her new found confidence and purpose? Find this out and more in… Ascension!

Chapter 8 – Return of the Dead (33 pages)

With Voon defeated, there can be nothing to worry about… Right?

Interlude – The Mindstones (7 pages)

Ugo and the gang discuss the mysterious origins of the Mindstones on Mars.

Chapter 9 – The Visitor

Things have settled down on Mars, but not everything is as John would like. Lian has become distant. And when Ril drags Asimov out for another “mission,” they actually find something!

Chapter 10 – Sera

In the final chapter of Marooned, we discover the fate of Athisla’s Mindstone, which will change someone’s life forever.