Captain John

A Captain in The New Frontier Federation (The NFF) and the leader of the Destiny II mission that landed on Mars, John was a former moon merchanter pilot and only person to successfully pass a flight test with Asimov as his partner. Captain John can be egotistical, brash and selfish, but he also has a heart of gold. His ego is often a cover for his feelings that he’s really not good enough to be an astronaut. His relationship with Asimov can be full of arguments and insults, and yet in the end, they make a good team.


The most highly evolved artificial intelligence ever created on Earth, Asimov is a Series VII robot created by Nanoganics in partnership with the NFF. He never passes up on a chance to cut Captain John down to size, especially when John is acting the fool. Asimov has personality and (although he would not like to admit it) feelings. When the Martian orphan Ril appears on the scene, she forms a special bond to the robot, much to Asimov’s surprise.


The first “little green Martian” that Captain John and Asimov meet, Ugo is a friend, companion and advisor. Even though he is small, he possesses great wisdom and he is a keeper of many secrets. He is also the caretaker of the Martians living under the surface.


A Martian teenaged orphan, Ril was something of a troubled young girl before Captain John and Asimov arrived. However, she quickly formed a bond not only with Asimov but Captain John too, who she sees as some sort of father figure. She is extremely good at sticking her nose into people’s business, giving her opinion on things and generally getting into trouble. She also greatly enjoys bossing around Asimov, which she somehow gets away with.

Captain Lian Fisher

The pilot and Captain of the NFF mission Destiny. She originally traveled to Mars with her robot companion Hogan to deploy supplies, scout out mission locations and do some surveying from orbit. Mysterious events ended up with her on the surface, where she met the strange and secluded Volotrum, and her life was changed forever.


The leader of the a secluded Martian group, she wields one of the strange “Mindstones” and is addressed by the honorific “Hearing One.” Her people are wary of technology, and were long advocates of leading simpler lives. Silex became the mentor to Lian Fisher.


Another Nanoganics robot (although this time a Series III), Hogan accompanied Captain Lian Fisher to Mars. He worships Asimov as a legendary robot of his own kind – a fact which Asimov often tries to unsuccessfully exploit. Hogan seems to have more emotions (or accesses them more) than other robots.

Zed of the Baro

A clumsy alien from the hive-mind-like race of the Baro, Zed’s life changed forever when his ship was rescued while crashing on Mars. The Baro can be dangerous with technology, since their information is often fragmented or incomplete (or just wrong) and they have little regard for safety. However, Zed has learned much as has become an integral part of the group, even if Captain John’s trust in him is generally on thin ice.


Bhax is the leader of the chief Martian scientists. Bhax interfaces often with Ugo. Much of the current technology works on Mars because of his team.