Our second installment of Commander & Scout is brought to you by James Anderson! Jim has been working in stealth mode for awhile preparing his webcomic for launch, so I’m happy to announce to you a new webcomic: Ellie on Planet X!

Ellie is an amazingly creative and cute comic about Ellie, a spunky robot nicknamed Ellie was sent on a mission to a remote planet circling a distant star. It took more than thirty years for her to travel across the vacuum of space before she reached her destination eight light years from Earth. Finally, after years of waiting, the first transmissions from Ellie on Planet X have reached our radio receivers. Now you can follow Ellie along on her adventures exploring the surface of this alien world as she discovers new life forms and makes first contact with intelligent creatures!

Yeah, how cool is that?!

Jim uses beautiful drawings with a simple and effective limited color palette to present just a beautiful comic. Plus it’s super creatively written, with lots of fun moments. I’ve got a few favorites already. Plus it’s sci-fi and has a robot – I mean what more do you want?!

It’s rare nowadays that I add a comic to my daily reading list, but as soon as I saw this one, I added it immediately. I suggest you do too. Now head over to Ellie on Planet X and start reading! (And tell Jim what a great job he did!)

Okay folks, the digital version is now ready! If you couldn’t (or didn’t want) to spring for the price of the book, this is the second best way to get it. You can download it as soon as you pay, and all the content is included just like the print version. Heck, print it out on your printer if you want!

Find out more about the book here.

Buy Mars Wars here for only $5.99!

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