And now we know why Silex and Lian didn’t want the Krosa to get the stones back! Yikes! Hey, we’re more than halfway through the story, and only 4 weeks away from the final chapter!

Things you might have missed in the blog last week:

A couple of the higher level rewards were to allow you to have your name printed in the book as a supporter. But I wanted to do it in a fun way. So what I came up with is the Captains/Admirals register. You get your name in the book as an NFF captain or admiral, PLUS you get to have your own fictional ship name along with it as well! (Subject to my approval, must be in the realm of good taste, etc.)

So you’ll be listed as a real captain/admiral in the NFF!

Example – if we used Captain John, his line would read “Captain John Floyd – Destiny II.”

The names will be printed in the back of the book under the appropriate header.

Do you want a printed version of the “Spare Parts” book?

During the week I asked about who would like a printed version of the bonus book. Basically I need at least around 15 people to really want it to include it in the Kickstarter. So far, we are well short of that goal. Speak up here if you’d want that and let me know

Cut Panel Breakdown – Who and How Many?!

You can see an album where I photographed all the cut panels right here

I will probably do requests as first come, first serve when we begin. Choose your faves now!

Here’s the breakdown:

John and Ugo: 2

Asimov (solo): 14

John and Lian: 6

Asimov and Ril: 14

John, Asimov, and Ril: 3

John and Asimov: 20

Lian (solo): 5

Lian, John, and Hogan: 2

Lian, John, Hogan, and Asimov: 3

John (solo): 14

Lian and HOgan: 10

Hogan (solo): 3

Ugo (solo): 2

Zed (solo): 5

John, Zed, and Asimov: 20

Asimov and Gooble: 2

Ril, Zed, and Asimov: 1

Ril, John, and Zed: 1

John and Zed: 14

John and Ril: 5

Hogan and Asimov: 3

Asimov and Zed: 3

John, Asimov and Ugo: 10

Ril (Solo): 2

John, Asimov, Zed and Ugo: 5

John, Asimov, Zed and Ril: 1

John, Asimov, Ugo and Geborga: 1


Please vote in the poll if you haven’t already, to let me know if you plan on supporting the Kickstarter. I will say the numbers are coming in a bit low. Not sure if that is people not voting, not seeing the poll, or really not interested. Thanks!

Do you plan on supporting the Kickstarter Marooned book this summer?