Comic-based games feature a special additive that is to narrate an already developed story, with already invented characters and much worked-out plots. This does not mean that all the games out of the cartoons are excellent, much less, but there are clear examples of video games about perfect superheroes or stories out of these little paper books that have marked a before and an after in the entire video game industry.

Marvel vs. Capcom is a great example of this, not only for presenting classic characters from one of the two most influential comic book publishers but also for introducing the crossover mode as the Genesis theme of the video game.

Now, if you like comics and are a fan of video games, immerse yourself in the cartoons that happen to accompany us on this trip that runs through the best matches based on comics, comics, and superheroes.

  1. Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009)

I know, I know. Many will start thinking why I didn’t put X-Men Legends instead of Ultimate Alliance 2, and the truth is they may be right. However, although the first was the RPG style generator with Eagle View based on superheroes, the second is a much more complete game in several ways.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 features a very extensive character gallery, as well as being based on the conflict that emerged from the Civil War comic book where the superhero bands are divided into two, some under Captain America and others under Iron Man. A story without waste and a really great game

  1. Batman: Arkham City (2011)

Batman’s video games are many, and the vast majority of them are to be archived in the mailbox of oblivion. However, great work has been done with the franchise for a few years and it all started with Batman: Arkham Asylum.

The improvements were seen in later games such as Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Origins have been incredible. Up to the time Arkham City has been the most complete of the saga telling an incredible story with the participation of some of the best characters of the franchise of the Dark Knight.

Batman: Arkham Knight, the fourth installment of the series, will be released by October 2014 so we will have to be expecting by then, perhaps, to update this list.

  1. Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (2000)

New Age Of Heroes is the fourth edition of the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise and as a special edition, not only has a grid of 56 playable characters but also a more straightforward fighting system adapted to the classic controls of the current consoles. Because let’s remember that the original game was designed for the arcade cabinets ‘ boom box.

This fighting game allows us to make an excellent crossover among Marvel’s best villains and superheroes with the best characters from all of Capcom’s video games, including Ryu and Mega Man.

  1. Ultimate Spider-Man (2005)

Spiderman has a relatively large video game Gallery within which we can find excellent titles such as Ultimate Spider-Man. This GTA-style game, with the friendly neighbor, allows us to climb the Manhattan skyscrapers alternating between Peter Parker and Spider-Man taking over the Venom symbiote.

A jewel of fun, graphic development, and great gameplay. One of the best comic book recreations in a video game and one of Spiderman’s best games.

  1. Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013)

This game based on DC Comics superheroes puts us in a situation similar to that of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 where the Society of superheroes is no longer one, but combat is anarchic and random. In this story, based on the self-titled comic book, Superman has lost his mind and begun to rule the law by his own hand. All because the Joker caused a hallucination in him that led him to kill Lois Lane, a shocking moment in the comic book.

Unfair: Gods Among Us is a fighting game in the best Mortal Kombat style where most of the editorial characters fight in a ring full of action and excellent visual effects.