According to reports within DC Comics, the company is planning to put a replacement for some of its classic superheroes with a new generation of heroes.

This news comes from the source of Bleeding Cool and other sites specializing in the subject have heard it and say the project’s name is ā€œ5gā€; meaning the fifth generation.

It is believed that this initiative will interact with the timeline of the DC Universe presented in the New York Comic-con 2019, starting with the first generation with Wonder Woman and then the Golden Age, the second generation began with Superman and covers the whole Era of Silver, the third generation comes in with Crisis on Infinite Earths and ending with the events of Flashpoint, and with the last and current fourth generation that is from the beginning of The New 52.

With this new generation, it is believed that the main heroes could change their appearance to look a little younger and changing their identity, for example, Luke Fox would now be Batman, Jonathan Kent would become Superman and Cassie Sandsmark will be Wonder Woman.

However, other sites comment that this fifth generation will come with an event where it will explain why some characters have not aged at all but nothing is confirmed. It is believed that the future generation of DC Comics heroes will arrive by the summer of 2020 and there will surely be more news on this subject, we will keep you informed if we get news.

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman: DC’s greatest heroes would have new versions

According to a new report, it appears that DC Comics is planning to replace many of its classic heroes with next-generation successors.

This report comes from The Bleeding Cool Site but other specialized sites have also heard it, and it is said that the initiative is named 5g which would have to do with the fifth generation of all DC heroes (via ComicBook).

Obviously the principle is associated with the timeline of the DC Universe that existed recently at the Comic-con in New York City, where the really initial generation starts with Wonder Lady and continues with the Golden Age, the second begins with Superman as well as covers the heroes of the Silver Age, the 3rd generation would certainly be from Dilemma on Infinite Earths to Flashpoint, and also the 4th would certainly be the comics after the New 52.

With this, it is believed that the fifth generation would change DC’s main heroes to younger versions. For example, Bleeding Cool suggests that Luke Fox could take the role of Batman, while Jonathan Kent and Cassie Sandsmark would be the new Superman and Wonder Woman.

Other sites claim that this 5g theme will come with a special event that will give some explanation of why some characters have remained young for decades, so we’ll see.

It is said that the fifth generation of DC heroes will be released in the summer season of 2020, so if this is correct we will surely be hearing more news about it in the coming months. I love alternate realities. in Marvel) and as a token of this, I now bring you this gallery of redesigned classic characters. Some are official and Nigeria in a comic book, others are not, so that is specified in the post. Something cartoonish but with a team much more realistic. This fascinates me looks great the mask as of bat, without elements insects like the Cape (although with it it looks great and much darker) this version seems relatively realistic to me without losing that air of mystery that characterizes Batman. Maybe what fans like Best is seeing realistic heroes. It reminds me of red Robin and a little DareDevil, by the horns. The Batman vampire that appears in the Fog, Crimson of the Lantern of Dracula of the Elseworlds Batman, and which also appears in Batman the brave and the bold enter Green Lantern in the hands of Batman, it’s excellent! Batman appears on the darkest night