In 2015, I partnered with Blokko to create this wonderful Asimov Toy figurine. And now you can own one yourself!

About the Figurine

This exclusive Asimov figurine is created with high quality full-color 3D printers by printing color and binder onto a bed of gypsum based powder. Every product is then inspected by hand and finished with a sealant to ensure durability.The final product has a hard, grainy feel that is quite different from mass-manufactured plastic. Every print is unique, and made with extreme care by a team of passionate men and women.

Check out this video of how the same process is used in the animation of the movie Paranorman:

Of course I have one myself, and I absolutely love it! Be a true Martian – get your Asimov figurine today!

Get the Asimov Toy Now!