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Really having fun with these guys! And we are moving the story forward, seems John figured out a way to have Zed come along.

I’ve been having great conversations with Chris Baldwin of Spacetrawler about comedy writing. He’s given me some really good insight and helped me tighten up these latest strips. So many thanks to Chris. He has me thinking in better ways about writing jokes. And I love talking shop with other artists, it’s a blast.

Speaking of which, the next Marooned story will be co-written by Steve Ogden. You know Steve has been a big help in the past. He’s great for helping me see the big picture and generating great ideas. I love working with Steve, so it only makes sense to write a story with him. We’re brainstorming it now.

Previously on Marooned…

If you are a new reader, you have jumped in at the perfect time. We’ve just begun a brand new story in Marooned. All you need to know is that Captain John (the spaceman) and Asimov (the robot) have been stranded on Mars. Ugo the Martian (the green guy) has put them up in the Martian underground city Vita, and they live there now. There are other various Martians you’ll meet along the way. Sit back and enjoy the story!

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