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Inside the Book

Strips #101-228 (127 strips)

Covering Episodes 4 (“The Listener”) through 8 (“Brains from Another Planet”), the story picks up with John having just met the Dark Ones and still deathly ill. We finally meet Captain Lian Fisher – a big surprise to John – who is now known as “The Listener.” There’s a battle with the Krosa. Lian comes to terms with her role on Mars and we get a visit from Zed of the Baro. And of course we meet a Gooble, too! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

For this book, I went back through the drawings of Lian and tightened them up, and in many cases simply redrew them. When first drew those strips with her, I hadn’t really drawn any women in quite some time. Those drawings really needed freshening up.

Exclusive Short Story: Evasive Maneuvers by Tom Dell’Aringa

How was it that John and Asimov met? Now you can find out! John Floyd is a down and out Moon Runner looking for a new gig to pay his debts. Asimov is a highly experimental (and temperamental) robot. Sounds like a perfect match! Nanoganics Robotics puts them together to see what happens. You can only find out in Mars Wars!

Exclusive Short Story: The Tallest Robot by Tom Dell’Aringa

This charming story chronicles a lonely, tall robot who is looking for friendship but finds only fear. Is he all alone in the world? Is he the only one who feels this way? Originally created for the SPACE show, it hasn’t been printed anywhere else – until now!

Bonus Content from Contributing Artists: Illustrations and Sunday Comics

A group of wonderfully talented artists has again answered my call to ply their skills in the Marooned universe. Below is a full list of these super folks. Each artist has contributed either an illustration (or more than one) or a “Marooned Sunday Comic” – a one or two page short story featuring Marooned characters. As you can see by the work they produce, it all came out fantastic and you won’t want to miss it!

The list below gives the artist name and his contribution to the book in parenthesis:

  • Denver Brubaker (2-page “Marooned Sunday Comic”) Creator of Tales of a Checkered Man. The Checkered Man stands atop the rooftops of Exotic City, fighting crime! A very fun comic with a really neat style. The Checkered Man is clearly some distant relative of Captain John, trust me.

  • Christopher Baldwin (2-page “Marooned Sunday Comic”) Most recently of the Science Fiction comic Spacetrawler (note: adult themes, 18+ only) – comedy, drama, epic fights, aliens galore! You don’t want to miss it. Huge updates twice a week. Chris is also the creator of the family friendly Little Dee, concerning, of course, Dee and the animals that find her in the forest. Super fun stuff.

  • Scott King (and Team) (2-page “Marooned Sunday Comic”) Creator of Holiday Wars, a unique comic about how the Easter Bunny declared war on the other Holidays in the hopes of gaining the one thing that can guarantee his immortality: The Holiday Spirit! With so many comics tackling the same themes over and over, it’s nice to see a fresh take on a story.

  • Mike Maihack (1-page “Marooned Sunday Comic”) Creator of the new sci-fi comic Cleopatra in Space as well as the hilarious Cow & Buffalo. Cleo has quickly become a fan favorite among the newer webcomics of the last year. Mike produces some amazing layouts, don’t miss it!

  • Steve Ogden (2-page “Marooned Sunday Comic”) Good buddy Og produces the amazing Moon Town, as you all know, with the intrepid Cassandra Quinn arriving on the moon just in time to get involved with some intriguing shenanigans. Cassandra and Simon have found themselves in a heap of trouble, don’t miss what happens next! Steve also produced the amazing Croaker’s Gorge.

  • Eddie Pittman (1-page “Marooned Sunday Comic” & the Introduction) Many of you have heard of Eddie already (it’s hard not to!) But if you haven’t, Eddie is the creator of the stunning Red’s Planet, one of the most beautiful strips on the web. And not only beautiful, well written and fun, AND suitable for all ages, too! Eddie is a former Disney animation, and it really shows in his work. Eddie blew my mind with his “Spacenuts” submission this year. Wait till you see the whole thing!

  • Ramón Pérez (Illustration) Ramón was kind enough to provide an illustration for me when he is about the busiest cartoonist on the planet! You probably know him from the amazingly rendered Kukuburi and its’ hero, Nadia. Nadia’s daily routine as a delivery girl in the bustling Big City is disrupted one day when she passes through what seems like an ordinary white picket gate and into another world. As Nadia stumbles through this new found land, and tries to find her place within it, she encounters its strange denizens and discovers all is not beautiful as it appears to be! Kukuburi is fast paced and a visual feast for the eyes!

  • Michael Regina (1-page “Marooned Sunday Comic”) Michael’s latest project is the fun Kevin and the Light of Destiny, an online graphic novel he has been planning and working on for some time. Kevin and the Light of Destiny is about a young boy named, Kevin who longs to be a treasure hunter. He’s given his chance when he’s asked to help retrieve a mystical relic that if not recovered could unravel the universe. Only problem, the relic isn’t here on this earth! A fun story that is just getting going now, a good time to jump in.

  • Bob Rissetto (4! illustrations) Bob is a colleague where I work and simply an amazing artist. His inventiveness and uniqueness seem to have no bounds, and he works really hard at getting things just the way he wants them. You can see his work at his blog (note, some mature themes). His work simply blows me away.

  • Josh Ulrich
  • (Illustration) Josh has been working hard on his latest ambitious project Jackie Rose. The story of none other than, of course, Jackie Rose. She’s an adventurer trying to make a name for herself, but it looks like she might be getting into more than she bargained for! Josh is putting up some great work with this comic. Big spreads and what appears to be a large and really interesting story. Another one that is just getting going and you can get caught up quick.

Other Bonus Content

The full page comic “Click Click” – a little look into John and Asimov’s trip to Mars. Was previewed on the site, but no only available in the book! Also “Pingo’s People,” a painting by the famous Martian author, Pingo, with commentary.

The Marooned Vault: Development Art

Like last year, I’ve included a few pages of development artwork with some notes on my process of creating the Marooned universe. Exclusive to the book!

The Mission Log

Just like Collection 1, Mars Wars features creator comments on each comic page. You can read the story of Marooned, then you can read the story behind the story of Marooned! Only in the book!

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