197 – Landing Imminent

This begins the new Marooned story “Brains from Another Planet!” Will this new ship be John’s salvation? I definitely had to knock some rust off working on this one. John’s design is much closer to where I’d like it to be. It will be a matter of getting used to drawing his updated body. I’ve also tweaked colors a bit on both guys. I hope that’s the end of fiddling with things.

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Welcome New Readers!

If you are a new reader, you have jumped in at the perfect time. This strip begins a brand new story in Marooned. All you need to know is that Captain John (the spaceman) and Asimov (the robot) have been stranded on Mars. Ugo the Martian (the green guy) has put them up in the Martian underground city Vita, and they live there now. There are other various Martians you’ll meet along the way. Sit back and enjoy the story!

If you want to be fully informed, you can begin reading from the beginning