Gee, I hate to leave you guys with a real CLIFFHANGER! Ah HA ha, oh OH ho….eh eh.. sorry, couldn’t help it.

Note: This strip isn’t quite done. As I said yesterday, I left my digital pen at work. When I get it back later, I will fix the rough finishes on the strip and repost. I did the best I could with the mouse for now.

New Readers

Captain John and his robot Asimov have been stranded on Mars for quite some time. In episode 8, “Brains From Another Planet,” we met Zed of the Baro, who is a master of technology. Unfortunately, his communal brain upbringing leaves him with very little common sense.

John has asked Zed to help repair and fuel his rocket so he and Asimov can return to Earth, where Lian Fisher (also known as The Hearing One) a woman captain who crashed on Mars 15 years earlier, has discovered that both Mars missions have been sabotaged by insiders

Meanwhile, John, Zed and Asimov are attempting to retrieve part of Zed’s wrecked ship which may have some technology that will allow John’s ship to fly – and to get him home to Earth.