Welcome to our interlude story: The Mindstones! Written my yours truly, and drawn and colored by Wouter F. Goedkoop of Cpt. Wayne and the Unexplained Dimension! First, a very big THANK YOU to Wouter for taking this task on, he has really helped me out. Please do check out his comic, I think you will like it. And as you can see, he really did a wonderful job.

This 7-part story is the origin story of the Mindstones. Where did they come from? What are they? Hopefully this will give you some answers… and spark a few more questions, too!

Kickstarter Reward Levels – PREVIEW

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the cost of offset printing, and the difficulty of gauging interest in the book, I’ve decided to begin the campaign as a print on demand (POD) book. A stretch goal will be to move to offset printing. I don’t see this as a big deal. If you’ve received one of my first two books, you know how nice these books are. The company I use has top-notch equipment and POD printing nowadays is extremely good.

If the situation arises where I get a lot more support than I am guessing at, then we can move to a higher quality book, which would simply be icing on the cake.

Reward Levels

NOTE: Please vote in the Poll to tell me if you are going to support the KS, too!

This is a TENTATIVE preview of the reward levels. I would like your feedback on both items and pricing. Note this is continental U.S. pricing ONLY. Unfortunately, due to the weight of the book and international shipping, international is very costly. My initial quote is $27! I’m going to check with FedEx/UPS and see what they can do. US folks will be getting media mail shipping, which is very affordable. Prices include shipping here. Of course the graphics will be nicer :) The pricing is very close, I think.

I am trying to think of an “ultimate” level, but I am not sure yet what that could be. Open to ideas. I could possibly have a poster size of the Asimov blueprint, assuming people would be interested in that, and I could put enough detail and fun stuff into it to make it worthwhile. I’ve put that below as well.