I have LOTS to share with you today, so please make sure you scroll down all the way!

EDIT: Made a change to the digital packages. There’s just ONE package with all 3 books for only $15.

First, please let me know if you plan on supporting the Kickstarter. I am trying to set the campaign goal, and the better idea I have of those of you who are planning to support it, the better chance I have of success.

Do you plan on supporting the Kickstarter Marooned book this summer?

Next, I have nearly completed the Asimov blueprint print. Have a look below. There are two ways it could go – the “clean” look and the “weathered” look. Which do you think is best?

Clean version:

Weathered version:

Next, I have a sketch comp of the cover of the book for you:

Lastly, I made a few mistakes the last time I posted the KS reward preview. Here’s the update, please post any questions. One person did ask about getting both prints, I wasn’t sure if people wanted both – again, let me know. (Please note, prices are NOT YET FINAL and subject to change.)