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Welcome back to Marooned!

I’m very happy to bring ALL NEW stories to you from John and the gang. Marooned was a labor of love from 2008-2013, and ended with the successful Kickstarter campaign to print a 282-page graphic novel. After taking some time to do a new graphic novel (Rock & Tin) over the last two years, it’s to return to my favorite world and characters.

A BIG thanks go out to 3 friends who have been instrumental behind the scenes in various ways – not just for the relaunch, but going way, way back. You should check out all their work.

It would be too long to make a list of how many ways each of these guys has helped me, thanks guys!

If you’re new, you can start reading from the beginning – but it isn’t really necessary. If you read the last interlude chapter, The Mindstones, you will know enough to understand the new story.

I hope you enjoy the return of the strip as much as I do. Please help me spread the word, as it has been awhile.

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