Jon Favreau spoke at a press release for the Iron Man DVD and spilled some info on the sequel. It could definitely be cool to see Tony Stark fall into the bottle and have War Machine step in. As I kid I mainly read two titles – Spider Man and Iron Man, so I’ve been really happy with Marvel’s adaptation of both properties. I’ll definitely be getting the DVD, I loved Iron Man and thought it might have been the best of the Marvel movies so far, certainly on par with Spider Man 1.

Just a quick note on the strip. So John digs the apple fritter-like Nusnor and won’t starve anytime soon. That essentially ends “Act 1″ of the strip. Thursday begins a new story arc, where the guys get some digs and we begin exploring what some of these other characters are doing. Plus, there will be a new, important addition that may shock John and Asimov to their very beings…or transistors… or whatever. Hope you’re all enjoying it so far.

The order for the limited prints of the “What Else” strip are going in this week